Has Virat Kohli passed his prime phase or not focussing enough?

Born in a Punjabi family in Delhi, Virat Kohli’s father was a criminal lawyer. Mother was a housewife. He has two older sisters and an older brother. Virat Kohli had a passion for cricket from the age of 3 and loved playing street (“Gully”) cricket with his friends from an early age. The neighbors who saw his potential told Virath’s father not to waste his potential.

Kohli’s first Test match was against the West Indies at Kingston in 2011. A year later, Kohli won the ICC Cricketer of the Year award.

He was twenty-six years old when he first visited England. Virat’s failure on well-worn England turf has been the subject of much criticism. Virat Kohli amassed only 134 runs throughout the tournament.

Kohli visited England again when he was thirty. There he scored two centuries and three fifties.

There’s a saying that goes “Form is temporary class is permanent”. Throughout his career, he scored tons of runs for his country & franchise. If he is not scoring runs for his team (that happens rarely), if he is not fielding well or not captaining well, he is still the “Angry Young Man” which all the Indians looking for in the field. This is the first lengthy “Bad patch” we remember Kohli has gone through. Even the all-time greats like Shane Warne (1998/99 Season 4 Wickets for Average of 94.50), Kumar Sangakkara (2003/04 Season 11 innings in 6 Test matches 277 runs Average 25.18), Rickey Ponting (2000/01 13 innings 254 Runs Average 23.54) & many more struggled during their career. Being one of the toughest & gifted cricketers on the present international Cricket Virat Kohli will return to his level best.

That is the nature of special players. He will play at his best when he gains his focus back.

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