Fast Bowling: Bowling actions in Cricket

In the game of cricket fast bowlers always have had different bowling actions depending on their body mass & height

Side on & Front on bowling action comparison

Side on Bowling action

Side on bowling action is the most popular fast bowling action. Especially most of the England bowlers tend to have this action from the beginning. Side on bowling action means the bowlers’ shoulder always will stay square to the batsman.

Bowlers with Side on bowling action used to get more away swing than most of the other bowlers.

Ex: Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Ajith Agarkar

Front on Bowling action

Some people say it’s the Caribbean bowlers’ bowling action. Because most of the ex-West Indies fast bowlers used to have an open chested action (Fronton). It’s a natural way of bowling than a coached action.

Ex: CurtlyAmbrose, Andrew Flintoff, Makhaya Ntini

Mixed Bowling Action

Nowadays fats bowlers try to use mixed bowling actions to mainly stay away from injuries. Wasim Akram would be the best ever bowler with the mixed action.

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