Does Hyper-extension mean chucking?

In cricket usually throwing means to as “Chucking”. Current ICC regulations set the legal limit to 15 degrees of permissible straightening of the elbow joint for all bowlers in international cricket. This happens due to the well-known incident which occurred between Umpire Darrel Hair and Sri Lankan Bowler Muththiah Muralitharan during the “Boxing Day” Test in Melbourne, 1995. After Darrel Hair called “No ball” multiple times in the field, Murali had to face a Bio-mechanical test & which revealed that he is not chucking the ball under the new ICC regulations.

But in some cases of throwing (chucking) like Shoaib Akthar (Pakistani Fast Bowler) & R.P. Singh (Indian Fast Bowler), they were seen to extend their elbow by a negative angle with respect to the upper arm. This is a phenomenon known as “Hyper Extension” which also gives an illusion of chucking. In the recent past, Indian Cricketer Jasprit Burah was in the spotlight for hyper-extending his arm.

Hyper-extension is not a conscious effort to bend the arm. Actually it’s an outward bending than an inward bending. (As the figure shows). This illusion also occurred during the career of people like Great Kirtley Ambros.

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